Hospital Acquired Infection Claims - A Compensation Guide

How Much Compensation for Hospital Infection Claims?

How Much Compensation for Hospital Infection Claims?


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    We completely trust the hospitals we visit, and probably expect to be the safest and cleanest of institutions. However, with increased pressure on healthcare providers and available resources, medical procedures can be very complex and technical. Sadly, medical professionals make mistakes resulting in pain and frustrating for the victims and their loved ones. If you have been a victim of hospital infection due to medical negligence, you may be entitled to a compensation.

    What are Hospital Acquired Infections?

    Hospital acquired infections are infections that were not present prior to the time of admittance to a hospital. This means they were only acquired while under hospital care. The most common hospital acquired infections include:

    • MRSA: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is a common hospital acquired infection, with symptoms including pain, tenderness in the infected area, confusion, fever and general unwellness.

    • Cellulitis: This is an advanced form of MRSA which can manifest when MRSA symptoms are untreated. Symptoms of cellulitis include septic arthritis, urinary tract infection, and inflamed bone marrow.

    • Difficile: This is a potentially dangerous virulent infection, with symptoms including stomach pain, Diarrhoea and muscle cramps.

    • Staphylococcal infection: Typically harmless to most people, but not to some, symptoms usually include itching, inflammation and painful skin.

    If you have suffered any of these infections while under hospital care, or you contracted it as an out-patient, you may be able to claim the hospital infection compensation. The list above is not exhaustive; so, if it does not include the infection you have suffered, get in touch with us to discuss details of your case, and proceed with your claim.

    Hygiene in Hospitals

    Every hospital must employ a strict hygiene control system. Most hospitals acquired infections can be prevented if hospital staff follow simple procedures such as hand washing with soap and water. Failure to follow hygiene procedures can lead to the spread of infections within a hospital environment.

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    How Do Hospital Acquired Infections Occur?

    Infections could be contracted at the hospital in many ways, whether you are staying in the hospital or are an out-patient. However, some causes are more common than others:

    • Reuse of surgical and medical equipment without proper sterilization. Bacteria may still be present on the piece of equipment, which can be passed on to the next patient.

    • Introduction of new bacteria by people who get into the Accident & Emergency Department.

    • Busy hospitals where patients, visitors and staff walk around different parts of the building, increasing the possibility of infection spread.

    Whether you contracted an infection as a patient inside the hospital or an out-patient, Medical Negligence Direct can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

    How Can I Prove Negligence in Hospital Acquired Infections?

    If you acquire an infection while under care at a hospital, the chances are that others within the same environment would have had a similar experience. While there may be one-off cases where negligence is difficult to prove, infections like MRSA and E. coli tend to affect groups of people rather than individuals. In fact, infectious diseases have caused the closure of the whole hospital wards, due to its level of spread. With patients continuously monitored and medical records constantly updated, your solicitor can help you use these when pursuing a compensation claim for hospital acquired infection.

    In some cases, you may be able to obtain evidence – verbal and/or photographic – of unhygienic practices in the hospital; this can help you prove medical negligence. If you believe you have been a victim of hospital acquired infection, it is best to record a timeline of events which demonstrates how and when the infection was contracted and the treatment you received. In cases where victims are seriously ill and cannot gather evidence, family members and dependents can do this on their behalf.

    How Much Compensation Can I Claim for Hospital Acquired Infection?

    Calculating the exact compensation amount you might receive when making a hospital acquired infection claim can be complicated, as every case is unique. However, the compensation award you receive will depend on the nature of your injury and any financial losses you have incurred.

    At the start of your case, your medical negligence solicitor will explore the different ways your hospital infection has impacted your life. The effect on your life will be considered when your compensation award is calculated. This award will be split in to general damages and special damages.

    • General damages: This is compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA). Guidelines for general damages award are set by the Judicial College.

    • Special damages: This is compensation for financial and expenses you have incurred as a result of the negligent treatment.

    While it may not be possible to get an accurate idea of the compensation you are entitled to, the table below gives you a rough indication:

    Minor £750 – £3,100 Symptoms include inflammation, vomiting, Diarrhoea, and irritation.
    Moderate £3,000 – £7,000 Symptoms include pain, fatigue and stomach cramps.
    Serious £7,500 – £15,000 Extended duration of symptoms like pain, stomach cramps, and Diarrhoea.
    Serious £29,000 – £40,000 Long-term symptoms such as Diarrhoea, fever, nausea and bowel problems.

    For a more accurate estimate of the compensation amount you can claim for hospital acquired infection, contact Medical Negligence Direct right away!

    No Win No Fee Negligence Claims

    The vast majority of claims handled by our solicitors are done on a No Win No Fee basis, as this is the best vehicle for making hospital infection claims.

    Under a No Win No Fee agreement, you will incur no financial risk, even if your claim is unsuccessful, and will only be charged a success fee when you receive a compensation award. Even if your hospital infection claim takes an extended period of time, you can rest assured there will be no ongoing fees. This makes our service a simple, effective and 100 percent risk free way to start a compensation claim for victims of hospital acquired infections.

    How We Can Help You Make a Hospital Acquired Infection Claim

    To have a strong chance of making a successful hospital infection claim, you need the best legal representation with knowledge and experience to deal with the complex nature of medical negligence claims. Medical Negligence Direct is such a legal team. With a strong track record of securing compensation for our clients in different types of medical negligence claims, we are your best bet.

    We will walk you through the claims process, by keeping you up-to-date on the status of your claim, and we will do this using plain English. We will always strive to help you secure the maximum compensation possible, without compromising your chances of winning.

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