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Birth Injuries to Mother Negligence Solicitors


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    Every mother is entitled to best possible care before, during and after childbirth. The good news is that modern medicine has made the childbirth process pretty easy and safe. Unfortunately, mothers still suffer birth-related injuries that could have life-long physical and psychological consequences. If you are a mother who has sustained a birth related injury due to medical negligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

    How Do I Know the Injury Was Caused by Negligent Care?

    There are inherent risks to every medical procedure. Certain complications may arise unexpectedly – issues that aren’t caused by medical professionals and cannot be changed by them. However, there is a huge gulf between unavoidable birth injuries and those that could have been prevented. These kinds of injuries arise when a healthcare professional fails to comply with medical procedure or recognize suggestive signs of an expectant mother’s distress during the childbirth process.

    Birthing Injuries To Mother Negligence Claims

    Common Birth Injuries to Mother Claims

    There are a number of cases where negligence by the medical professional responsible for your care during childbirth can lead to injuries. In cases like these, you may be entitled to claim compensation for your pain. Some of the instances where medical negligence can result in birth injuries to mother include:

    • Ventouse Delivery / Forceps Delivery Claims
      A ventouse or forceps apparatus is commonly used to assist women who struggle with “spontaneous” delivery. Doctors use these instruments to ensure a relatively easy delivery process. However, it is important that they apply appropriate skills, and pay adequate attention throughout the process to avoid any harm. When a member of staff is not properly trained to handle these instruments, and cause injuries during its use, a mother can make a forceps delivery claim.
    • Episiotomy Claims
      It is the duty of a doctor to recognize potential difficulties during birth, and take necessary action. A doctor may perform a surgical cut known as Episiotomy, a cut at the opening of the vagina, to allow easy for passage of the baby. If a medical professional fails to recognize the necessity of this procedure and the mother sustains injuries to her vagina (even leading to second or third-degree tearing), there may be grounds for Episiotomy claims.

    There could also be injuries around the anus area, and both forms of injuries can cause discomfort and complications. So, you could still make Episiotomy claims if the procedure was undertaken but carried out in a negligent manner.

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      • Pre-Eclampsia Claims
        Pre-eclampsia is a condition in which an expectant mother retains excess levels of protein in the blood, accompanied by swelling in the extremities and other symptoms like nausea. Though the only real cure for this condition is the delivery of the baby, this may be impossible if the pregnancy is at its early stages. This means that the mother must be closely supervised to monitor the symptoms and avoid critical danger. You may be entitled to a pre-eclampsia claim if the condition wasn’t diagnosed or was not managed properly.
      • Caesarean Section Claims
        Caesarean sections could be planned for ahead of delivery or performed as an emergency procedure. In either case, a medical professional can make mistakes, potentially giving the victim grounds to make a C section claim or surgical error claim. It is the duty of a doctor to remain alert at all times in order to avert extreme situations like infection and blood clotting or excessive bleeding in the mother. Failure to do this can cause problems for future pregnancies and even lead to long-lasting suffering.
      • Maternal Diabetes Claims
        This condition can cause lots of discomfort and stress for an expectant mother if not properly taken care of by a medical professional. Sometimes, maternal diabetes can lead to defects in the brain and heart of the baby, or even miscarriages.
    • Negligent Stitching Claims
      A medical professional must still repair a stitched area, even when the incisions where done properly. Referred to as suturing, this process must be performed promptly in order to prevent the risk of injuries or infections.
    • Claims for Retention of Instruments of Conception
      Mothers react differently when there is a miscarriage, and some of these reactions can be potentially dangerous. There may be rapid contraction of the uterus if the placenta fails, in order to eliminate obsolete tissues. This can cause bleeding and extreme pain, and medical experts must carefully manage this situation.
    • Where this isn’t the case, the mother may experience unnecessary suffering, and may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.
      These claims are only a picture of an exhaustive list of birth injury claims a mother can make if a medical professional acted in a negligent manner during the childbirth process. If you as a mother have suffered injury due to medical negligence, we recommend you seek the advice of a medical negligence solicitor about your chances of making a claim.

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