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Can I Sue My Dentist for Dental Negligence?

Can I Sue My Dentist for Dental Negligence?


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    Yes, You can sue your dentist for dental negligence. You must be able to establish that your dentist’s negligence resulted in your injury.

    If you have sustained an injury as a result of negligent dental care you have received, you may be able to sue your dentist for dental negligence. Dentists, like all healthcare professionals, owe their patients a duty of care. When you suffer harm as a direct consequence of your dentist’s failure to fulfill this duty of care, this may constitute an act of medical negligence.

    However, this does not mean that anyone who suffers an injury after a dental procedure can pursue dental negligence claims. Proving medical negligence against a dentist can be a very complex process. The UK law only grants dental negligence compensation to claimants who can prove that the dental care they received contributed to their illness or injury.

    Sue the Dentist for Dental Negligence


    Forms of Dental Negligence

    Determining what constitutes dental negligence is not so straightforward. Every case is unique and must be considered individually before any judgement can be passed. Generally, dental negligence can be classed into three categories:

    • Misdiagnosis

    Accurate and timely diagnosis is a key part of patient care. Misdiagnosis refers to the failure of a medical professional to correctly diagnose an existing condition, which could worsen the original problem.

    • Inadequate Care

    This happens when a dentist fails to employ the right techniques for your dental treatment. Inadequate dental care could refer to a one-time treatment or one you received over a long period of time, which has led to complications.

    • Careless Dental Care

    This refers to a wide range of circumstances, from cutting a patient’s lip to removing the wrong tooth during a dental treatment.


    How Do I Sue My Dentist for Negligence?

    For you to sue your dentist for negligence, you must be able to prove that he acted negligently. Not only that, you have to show you suffered as a result of that negligence. What we mean is that it is not enough to show that your dentist was negligent without showing how you were affected by his actions.

    If you are only able to prove the liability of your dentist without showing a direct link between his actions or inactions and the injury or complication you suffered, your claim will be unsuccessful.

    In a nut shell-

    • Show that your dentist had a duty or responsibility to care for you.
    • Show that he failed or breached that duty of care
    • Show that you suffered avoidable harm as a result of the negligent care
    • Also show how much damages you have incurred as a result of the harm you suffered.

    How Do I Begin My Dental Negligence Claim?

    To begin your dental negligence compensation claim, you may want to make complaints first. This is a way to not only make your grievances known to the NHS commissioning body or your dentist personally, it also creates an avenue for investigations to be made into the quality of care you received. You will receive response after the investigation which will help you understand what really happened and if you can proceed with a claim

    Please note that you only have 12 months after a perceived dental negligence to make your complaints.

    If you decide to make claims, please contact your dental negligence solicitor to give you appropriate legal advice on commencing your claims. Also ensure you provide enough evidence to back up your claim.

    Our solicitors will explain these processes better to you during our free consultation session.

    Reasons to Count on Medical Negligence Direct

    Making a dental negligence claim requires the experience of specialist dental negligence solicitors. Therefore, it is important that you have the best possible legal representation to make a claim on your behalf. This is where Medical Negligence Direct comes in.

    Our friendly solicitors have years of experience in pursuing claims for victims of medical negligence. We will try to understand your case, offer compassionate support and guide you through the complex legal process. If you think you have suffered an injury as a result of dental negligence, we can help you with a free consultation.

    We also offer our clients a No Win No Fee arrangement to ensure you have no financial risks – no matter what the outcome of your claim may be. So, you wouldn’t pay us a thing until your claim is successful, and you owe us nothing if we do not win.

    If you would like expert medical negligence solicitors at Medical Negligence Direct on your side, please call us on 0800 644 4240 or complete our fee claim assessment form and we will be in touch with you.

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