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    Can I Claim?

    The care provided by the NHS is often very good and many patients don’t experience problems. However, sadly mistakes do still happen and patients can be harmed as a result. In such situations those patients may be entitled to compensation.

    Every medical professional owes their patient a duty of care.  Medical Negligence is where the medical professional has breached this duty of care which causes avoidable harm. Medical negligence can occur at any point in your contact with the medical professional and covers many different examples.Medical negligence can include misdiagnosis by a doctor, inadequate care by a nurse, care home abuse, and carelessness during surgery.

    When assessing your case your solicitor will consider two main elements:

    • Liability– whether the medical professional acted in a way which fell below the standard of care expected in that medical field.
    • Causation– whether the medical professional’s actions (or omissions) caused you harm which would not have already occurred. There must be a more than 50% chance that it caused you harm.

    To help prove the two elements above your solicitor will obtain medical evidence from a medical expert who will be able to comment on this. All our medical negligence solicitors act on a No Win No Fee basis.

    We pride ourselves on treating every case individually and tailoring our advice for each individual case. This is because every case is different.We ensure your case gets the attention it needs and that the claim proceeds as smoothly as possible.

    If you are unsure how the process works and on what the best route is to take we recommend you speak to us. The consultation is completely free and it will cost you nothing to find out if you have a medical negligence claim. We have also provided useful guides below which will help you understand more about medical negligence claims and navigate your way through the process.

    Six Easy Steps

    Making a claim might seem overwhelming which is why our medical negligence solicitors will do the hard work for you and aim to remove any stress and hassle of making a medical negligence claim. They will prepare your medical negligence case by obtaining your medical records and take a detailed statement setting out your case.

    They will also instruct an independent doctor to comment on your case and assess if there has been negligence, and if this has caused you injury. Once all the evidence has been obtained by your solicitor they will attempt to negotiate with the hospital or doctor’s solicitors and recover compensation on your behalf. This compensation will include money to cover your pain and suffering, and any financial losses such as lost earnings, private medical treatment costs, rehabilitation costs, and out of pocket expenses.

    • 1. Initial Enquiry
    • 2. Case Acceptance
    • 3. Medical Records
    • 4. Medical Evidence
    • 5. Negotiation
    • 6. Compensation

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