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Wed Jan 12 | 1:22 PM

Surgeon at Gobowen Hospital Inserted a wrong size prosthetic into patient during surgery

A patient received the wrong sized prosthetic implant during surgery at a specialist orthopaedic hospital, in Gobowen, near Oswestry. At the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt (RJAH) hospital in May, Shropshire NHS bosses ...

Tue Dec 21 | 6:37 AM

Cancer Delay Negligence: NHS facing ‘biggest ever crisis’ due to delays and growing backlog

According to a recent report, The NHS is currently facing the ‘largest ever crisis’ as a result of del...

Mon Dec 20 | 6:16 AM

Blood Clot Compensation Claims

Start your blood clot compensation claims today for a chance to get early compensation. Our specialist solicitors are here to assist you. Contact us today! Blood clots are quite common, and they can happe...

Fri Dec 17 | 11:40 AM

What Are Hand Injury Compensation Claims?

Hand injuries are primarily some of the most common types of personal injuries. There are different types of hand injuries as there are multiple ways through which they can come about. In this article, we are going ...

Tue Dec 7 | 9:43 AM

Blood Transfusion Compensation Claims

The term ‘blood transfusion’ refers to a procedure where blood from a donor is given to another individual- the recipient through a drip which is placed into a vein in the arm. The amount of blood g...

Mon Dec 6 | 7:06 AM

Can You Be Misdiagnosed with Diabetes

In the UK, it estimated that about 7% of the population are living with diabetes. In fact, one out of every six hospital inpatients have diabetes. About 40,000 children have diabetes and more than 3000 children are ...

Fri Dec 3 | 7:49 AM

What Is Considered Malpractice For A Surgeon?

With over 10million surgeries performed each year in the UK, mistakes and negligence are inevitable. Although the large majority of these procedures are performed successfully, the cases of surgical malpractice caus...

Thu Dec 2 | 5:54 AM

How Much Compensation do you get for Hearing Loss?

Are you a victim of Hearing loss or impairment ? Wondering if you’re eligible to make hearing loss claims? We can assist you. If you can prove that your hearing loss was caused by medical malpractice or n...

Wed Dec 1 | 6:15 AM

Ectopic Pregnancy Compensation Claims

For a woman who has a planned or wanted pregnancy, it is a period of joy and happiness for the expectant mother. However, this joy can turn to sadness and a potentially life-altering event, if the woman is diagnosed...

Tue Nov 30 | 6:13 AM

What is Considered Neglect in a Nursing Home UK?

A nursing home sometimes referred to as care homes or as residential nursing homes have qualified nursing and caregivers who provide care to residents. They provide care and support for people who are vulnerable, ha...

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