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Tue Aug 3 | 9:42 AM

Can I Sue My Doctor For Negligence?

If a doctor gets your treatment wrong and it causes injury or worsens your symptoms, you can sue for doctor negligence. It is also possible to sue a doctor or hospital on behalf of your relatives or family members w...

Mon Aug 2 | 6:09 AM

Sue a Care Home for Neglect in the UK

You may want to know if you can sue a care home for neglect in the UK for acts of abuse or negligence on you or a loved one. Yes, this is certainly possible. You are legally empowered to make care home negligence cl...

Fri Jul 30 | 7:33 AM

Clinical Negligence In Health And Social Care

Clinical negligence in health and social care is a very serious issue in the UK that needs to be taken as such. Health and social care is a term that describes services that are provided by health and social care pr...

Thu Jul 29 | 6:04 AM

Medical Negligence Mental Health Claims

Do you know you can sue someone for causing stress in the uk? If you sustained a life changing injury under the care of mental health services, our stress claim solicitors support clients with medical negligence men...

Wed Jul 28 | 1:12 PM

What Happens if My Doctor Makes a Mistake During Surgery

Surgery is a daunting and even traumatic prospect for anyone, regardless of age or condition. Although the standard of medical care in the UK is generally high, medical negligence due to surgical mistakes still happ...

Fri Jul 23 | 7:36 AM

How Does No Win No Fee Work

When things don't go as planned with your visit at the hospital, and you are let down by your GP or health care provider, then you may be a victim of medical negligence. When making a claim against your GP or health...

Mon Jun 14 | 1:00 PM

Compensation For Misdiagnosis Of Fracture

If you or anyone has suffered a missed fracture diagnosis and wants to make a legal claim for compensation, you must have sustained a significant injury. The Purpose of this article is to take you through the step b...

Thu Jun 3 | 8:25 AM

Can I Sue a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons like every other medical professional have a sworn duty of care to their patients - which is to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and treatment. When their actions go against their...

Wed May 19 | 12:07 PM

Mistakes During Dental Treatment

When visiting the dentist, you expect to receive a high standard of care and feel better after treatment. While this is usually the case, dental mistakes can happen during your treatment. If you have suff...

Mon May 3 | 12:50 PM

Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines and Red Blood Clots

Scientists are conducting investigations to determine whether cases of rare but severe blood clotting are connected to both the Johnson and Johnson (J&J) and Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines. According to the research by the BBC Report...

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