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Mon May 3 | 12:50 PM

Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines and Red Blood Clots

Scientists are conducting investigations to determine whether cases of rare but severe blood clotting are connected to both the Johnson and Johnson (J&J) and Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines. According to the research by the BBC Report...

Fri Apr 30 | 6:13 AM

Like Losing Family Care Home Staff Begs for Help that Never Comes

According to a recent BBC report, Heartbreaking testimonies from care home workers on the frontline paint a scary pict...

Thu Apr 22 | 7:03 AM

Lost Medical Records Compensation

When you think of medical negligence claims, cases relating to misdiagnosis, surgical errors, prescription errors and the likes easily come to mind. While these are common grounds for seeking medical negligence comp...

Tue Apr 13 | 5:11 AM

Is There A Risk of Blood Clotting with AstraZeneca?

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has said that at least 30 people in the UK have experienced unusual blood clots after they were injected with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.
The MHRA ...

Wed Apr 7 | 8:33 AM

Medical Negligence During Pregnancy and ChildBirth

Pregnancy can be an exciting, yet nervous period for parents-to-be. Pregnant women, especially first-time mothers, trust in the advice and recommendations given by medical professionals to guide them through the process. If a doctor, gynaecologist...

Fri Apr 2 | 7:30 AM

Over 40,600 People Likely Contracted COVID-19 While in Hospital for Different Treatment

More than 40,600 people have possibly been infected with the deadly COVID-19 while being treated in the hospital for other reasons in England. According to a research by the Guardian Newspaper, ab...

Thu Apr 1 | 10:04 AM

Requirements To Sue The NHS For Misdiagnosis

Do you know you can sue the nhs or any healthcare provider medical misdiagnosis? If a physician gives you an incorrect diagnosis that worsens your condition, then ...

Fri Dec 4 | 11:12 AM

The Complete Guide to NHS Clinical Negligence Claims

The National Health Service is one of the oldest public healthcare systems in the world and deals with millions of people every year. It is a source of national pride as it has become a symbol of a fair society, pro...

Wed Nov 11 | 6:41 AM

Coronavirus is a Pandemic: What It Means For You and What You’re Entitled to

From the complete lockdown of cities to restrictions on non-essential travel, the COVID-19 pandemic is considered the most critical global health challenge of the 21st century, and has changed our lives in ways we h...

Tue Oct 6 | 6:07 AM

Suing for Medical Malpractice – What You Need to Know About

There is no doubting that health professionals and medical institutions across the UK do their best to ensure the health and wellbeing of millions of patients every year. This is why we completely trust these indivi...

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