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Thu Jan 19 | 1:05 PM

Can I Claim For Medical Negligence After 20 Years?

The popular advice every legal counsel, who is experienced in medical negligence cases, gives victims of medical malpractice is to report medical misconduct as soon as they rea...

Mon Jan 9 | 9:26 AM

How Do I Complain About My Dental Treatment?

When you visit your dentist for one dental issue or the other, you expect that you receive quality care and get better after such a visit. In most cases, this is usually the case but, in this time, when the NHS are facing a lot of pressure, pat...

Mon Jan 9 | 9:19 AM

Calculating Compensation For Pain & Suffering by Personal Injury

People suffer injuries from accidents at home, on the road as well as from work hazards. However, certain times these injuries could be caused by the negligence or carelessness of another person leaving you in avoidabl...

Mon Jan 9 | 9:11 AM

How To Make A Claim For Poor Medical Care?

When you or your loved one visits the hospital for medical care, you deserve to get the right standard of care and expect that whoever attends to you does not breach their duty of care to you. And while many get the re...

Wed Nov 30 | 5:51 AM

Medical Negligence Claims Solicitors in Liverpool

In the event that you or your loved one has suffered harm, injury, trauma or complications as a result of negligent treatment from your healthcare provider here in Liverpool, our medical negligence solicitors are available to assist you make a cla...

Mon Nov 28 | 10:16 AM

What To Do If Pharmacy Gives Wrong Medication in the UK?

At the moment, we know there are pressures on health services in the UK. As a result, errors can happen in the care of patients and this includes prescription errors. As someone who is unwell, all you need is the right...

Tue Nov 22 | 9:36 AM

NHS Wales: HIW Says Grange Hospital A&E Needs Urgent Improvement

The 471-bed Grange Hospital opened in 2020 has come under heavy criticism for various failings.

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales' (HIW) have called for urgent improvement even as they are...

Mon Nov 14 | 10:32 AM

Guide On Claiming Compensation For Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong

Abdominoplasty surgery commonly known as tummy tuck was in 2015 one of the top ten types of cosmetic procedures performed in the UK. It is a major surgery and requires expert cosmetic surgeons for best results. But eve...

Wed Nov 9 | 11:30 AM

NHS Figures Reveal 63 People Died in Nottingham Hospitals

Over the space of a year, patient safety incidents in hospitals in Nottingham have led to the death of sixty-three people according to new NHS figures.

NHS England defines patient safe...

Mon Nov 7 | 9:07 AM

Can I Sue my GP For Misdiagnosis?

Yes, you can sue your GP for medical misdiagnosis and claim a deserved compensation at the end of a successful claim. However, you should be able to show beyond reasonable doubt that your injury, harm or the complicati...

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