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Tue Oct 19 | 12:43 PM

Can You Sue The NHS For Sepsis

Sepsis medical negligence claims simply describes a situation where an individual either on behalf of himself or on behalf of a loved sues a hospital (NHS or private hospital) or a medical professional for substanda...

Mon Oct 18 | 5:26 AM

Nerve Damage After Surgery Lawsuit

Surgeries are most times the last resort to treating any health condition. They are to be carried out by expert professionals with utmost care as any mistake could prove fatal. While the majority of people who under...

Fri Oct 15 | 5:04 PM

How To File A Lawsuit Against A Hospital

When we feel ill, we try to set up an appointment with our GP, go to hospital and expect to get the right amount of medical attention and receive treatment for our illness. Our medical professionals owe us a respons...

Thu Oct 14 | 6:03 AM

Medical Negligence Claims for Cauda Equina Syndrome

You can make medical negligence cauda equina syndrome claims if you believe you are suffering as a result of the negligent actions of another. Get in touch today! Among mill...

Tue Oct 12 | 9:08 AM

What Is Dental Malpractice?

Dental malpractice also known as dental negligence refers to actions or inactions, all forms of negligent treatment including failure of your dentist to provide you with the right quality of dental care leading to a...

Mon Oct 11 | 10:44 AM

How Much Compensation Will I Get For a Broken Foot?

Have you suffered from a broken foot as a result of the carelessness or negligence of another person; here is what you can do and how much compensation you may likely get for your broken foot injury.

Sun Oct 10 | 9:11 AM

Covid: Pressure on ICU staff concerning, Hywel DDA Consultant Says

According to a recent report, the pressure on ICU staff as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic is worrisome and gives lots of concern. The consultant says that ...

Fri Oct 8 | 7:19 AM

Why Your Mental Health Condition Could be misdiagnosed?

When we go to visit our medical professionals for treatment, we trust them to make the right diagnosis and propose the best treatment plan for us. Getting the right diagnosis is always the first step towards recover...

Thu Oct 7 | 8:05 AM

Claiming For Gallbladder Negligence

A lot of people in the UK suffer from gallstones. In fact, statistics has it that around one in 10 adults in the UK has gallstones. These people will need their gallbladder to be removed via a gallbladder surgery. T...

Wed Oct 6 | 5:28 AM

Girl, 11, died of ‘Medical Negligence’ after Contracting Meningitis, Inquest Finds

According to a recent report, An inquest has heard that an 11year old gi...

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