Accident & Emergency Negligence Claims : High Demand Blamed for A&E Queue

Accident & Emergency Negligence Claims : High Demand Blamed for A&E Queue


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    Recent reports, according to the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust, patients who attended the emergency department at its Grimsby hospital were forced to queue outside due to “high demand for services”.

    The trust in a statement said that they were experiencing a high demand for services – both in terms of A&E attendances and demand for beds. It further stated that the queue outside the department was not due to any delays in checking patients in but that there was not enough physical space in the department to allow all those who ‘walked in’ to be able to adhere to social distancing rules.

    According to the trust, Staff had regularly assessed patients waiting in the queue. This is an experience one witness had described as frightening.

    In similar stories from across Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, a former NHS worker, who took her friend, who was having a suspected heart attack, said she was faced with the line of patients outside Diana, at the A&E department of Princess of Wales Hospital. She expressed her frustration that there were no chairs for anybody to sit down, adding that even pregnant women and people with children had to stand waiting patiently to be attended to.

    Accident & Emergency Negligence Claims

    Accident and Emergency Negligence Claims

    In cases of accident or emergency, the accident and emergency unit is usually the department that will receive the victim. Therefore, it is very important that the individual gets the best possible care at this critical stage as any mistake made could be very devastating or fatal.

    Accident and Emergency Negligence therefore refers to the failure of the Accident and Emergency department to provide a patient with the right standard of care, acting negligently and thereby causing further pain, injury, trauma or other complications which could have been well avoided.

    When this happens, a person can make accident and emergency negligence claims and take legal action against the department for such acts of medical negligence.

    The Accident and Emergency department in any hospital is one of the busiest departments and therefore even with the best trained, skillful and experienced staff, there is every likelihood that avoidable mistakes will occur especially as these medical professionals mostly work under intense pressure.

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    In 2018/2019 year for instance, the Accident and Emergency department received the highest number of medical negligence claims (1409) accounting for 13% of all NHS negligence claims. It also received the second highest compensation payout at £422 million which was 9% of the total compensation amount paid by the NHS that year.

    Examples of Accident and Emergency Negligence Include;

    • Misdiagnosing a condition due to rush
    • Prescription errors or administering wrongly either wrong medication or wrong dosage
    • Failing to refer a patient for the appropriate tests or scans
    • Failing to properly review a patient’s medical history before commencing any treatment procedure
    • Incorrectly reading the results of tests, X-rays or scans
    • Making errors while recording the results of any examination or assessment leading to wrong treatment
    • Delayed treatment due to high demand without prioritizing a critical condition which will ultimately cause the condition of the patient to deteriorate
    • Carrying out a medical procedure using the wrong technique
    • Handling errors or failing to follow the right safety protocols
    • Prescribing or dispensing wrong medication.
    • Discharging a patient before time which may cause the patient to develop even further medical issues later on.

    Therefore, if you or your loved one failed to receive standard care while at the A&E department or have experienced negligent treatment such as these, you may be entitled to medical negligence compensation.

    How Can We Help You Make Your Accident and Emergency Negligence Claims

    When you suffer from accident and emergency negligence, it is important that you speak to a medical negligence solicitor specializing in Accident and Emergency Negligence Claims to discuss with you, listen to your story, give you the right legal advice, determine if you can make a claim and guide you throughout the claims process.

    Medical Negligence claims can be quite complex but you do not have to worry as we have specialist medical negligence solicitors who are experienced having handled several accident and emergency claims for clients over the years and securing best possible compensation amounts for them.

    To make a claim, you have to demonstrate that the medical professional owed you a duty of care but failed to do so and such failure is the direct cause of your suffering, pain, trauma or complications. 


    Our solicitors are not only professional and dedicated, they are also very friendly and empathetic. We ensure that the entire claims process is not an additional burden for you in any way. We will assist and support you in any way you require including assisting you to make available the necessary documents to serve as evidence to support your claims. Where necessary we will also secure interim payments for you before the final compensation fee is agreed to help you with your financial needs as well as to access proper medical care vital for your recovery.

    Our consultation sessions are for free and we handle all our accident and emergency negligence claims on a No Win No Fee basis. You therefore, have nothing to lose and should not hesitate to let us represent you and see that you get the justice you deserve.

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