Guide to Making Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

A Guide to Making Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

A Guide to Making Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims


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    Cosmetic surgical procedures have risen steadily in recent years. In the UK alone, over 28,000 procedures were performed last year – which represents a 0.1% increase on 2017. Once considered a luxury for the affluent, cosmetic surgery is now affordable for many who are looking to improve their looks.

    A successful procedure will boost your confidence and make you feel better about your body. Alongside its charm, however, there are cases where things have gone wrong for some patients. If this mistake or accident was as a result of medical negligence, you can pursue compensation claims for your injury.

    The impact of a negligent cosmetic surgery can be far reaching, even exceeding other surgical negligence claims. Medical negligence during cosmetic surgery can result in emotional stress and physical trauma for the affected patient. Worse still, cosmetic surgery is not as regulated as many other aspects of medicine and healthcare, exposing patients to the risk of being cared for by those who are not experienced or properly trained to perform the procedure.

    This guide explores the cosmetic surgery and its aftereffects, in which a healthcare professional may have acted negligently.

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    What is Cosmetic Surgery Negligence?

    In the UK, cosmetic surgery is worth an estimated £3.6 billion annually. This, in addition to the fact that cosmetic surgeons undergo years of training to possess professional qualifications, means that it is only normal to expect strict regulations in this industry. Unfortunately, this has not been the case as many persons have been victims of poor cosmetic surgery operations.

    Lots of complications can arise from a failed duty of care, depending on the type of cosmetic surgery performed. A cosmetic surgery compensation claim helps you recover the costs (financially, psychologically, and physically) you’ve endured. Costs like medical expenses or lost wages are quantifiable, while costs for your pain and suffering are more abstract.

    If you have suffered injuries during a cosmetic surgery due to negligence, a medical negligence solicitor can advice as to the potential value of your claim and your chances of winning.

    Reasons for cosmetic negligence could include:

    • Failure to properly monitor and care for the patient after an operation
    • Burns or scarring
    • Putting a client under pressure to agree to a certain treatment or surgery
    • Anesthesia
    • Failure to inform a patient of the potential risks of a procedure
    • Attracting a client through unrealistic expectations about the outcome of a procedure
    • Failure to recognize aspects of a patient’s medical history that could complicate the procedure
    • Failure to reveal relevant medical information prior to the procedure

    As shown above, a cosmetic negligence claim can be filed for many reasons. If you believe your situation does not match any of the circumstances stated above, feel free to reach out to a medical negligence solicitor so you can make an informed decision.

    Average Payouts for Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

    Once your request has been thoroughly reviewed by your medical negligence solicitor, you will get an idea of what a fair compensation value will be. This amount varies from one person to another, depending on the unique circumstances of the individual. For instance, one who suffers scarring and infection following a breast augmentation will definitely receive compensation higher than one who suffers a minor injury.

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    To be eligible to file a claim for compensation for cosmetic surgery, you must prove that you suffered an injury, and that this injury was caused by avoidable human error.

    Truth is, there’s no surgical procedure without risks. The court considering your claim will determine if your medical specialist took the necessary steps to minimize the potential of damage. If this is established, they may decide that while your injury is unfortunate, it doesn’t warrant compensation for damages. Medical negligence with resulting injury must be proven in order for your claim to be legally considered and approved.

    Where the doctor responsible for your care before, during and after the cosmetic surgery acts negligently, you can make a successful claim. A medical negligence solicitor will walk you through this long and sometimes complex process. Do not let the complex nature of a cosmetic surgery claim discourage you. A compensation is the least you deserve for a better and more satisfying life post-surgery.

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