19 Million Compensation Awarded to Young Megan of Northampton - MND

19 Million Compensation Awarded to Young Megan of Northampton

19 Million Compensation Awarded to Young Megan of Northampton


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    According to Recent Reports, Megan, a now 11year old girl from Northampton, has been awarded a medical negligence settlement payout of £19 million for injuries she suffered at birth. The young girl who needs round the clock care, also has serious learning difficulties as a result of her condition.

    It is expected that the compensation award will cover her therapies, accommodation costs as well as any special equipment she will need for the rest of her life. Sarah, Megan’s mum was sent home from the hospital despite telling the hospital staff she was 13 days past her due date, that she also felt her baby moving less and had started having contractions.

    In order to provide Megan with the care she needs, Sarah has had to give up her job as a scientist. Her mental health has also been affected by the unfortunate incident. Also, Megan’s father has had to give up his former job and take up a lower paying job closer to home so that he can be available for Megan.

    The hospital trust that was responsible for Megan and Sarah’s care admitted that they were wrong in ignoring her concerns and that she would have delivered earlier and her baby not suffered the catastrophic brain injury if she was attended to promptly.

    Sarah believes that the hospital was negligent in many ways including inadequate monitoring and delays for a doctor review. They had also initially denied any wrongdoing before she contacted her solicitor for help.

    Cerebral Palsy

    What happens when you have Cerebral Palsy?

    Cerebral palsy is a condition of the central nervous system which affects the development of the muscles and coordination leading to one or more of the following: impaired movement, unusual posture, involuntary movements, unsteady walking etc.

    It is majorly caused by lack of oxygen supply to the brain of an infant either during a prolonged labour or as a result of an infection during pregnancy. The condition may also be as a result of trauma from wrong use of birth delivery tools or from meningitis which eventually leads to brain damage.

    The following acts of negligence can cause cerebral palsy;

    • Failing to monitor the progress of the baby in the womb and making adequate interventions where necessary. For example, failing to detect conditions such as hypoglycemia, meningitis or jaundice and treating them quickly
    • Failing to recognize the need for an emergency C-section and perform it as urgent as the situation calls for
    • Allowing labour to go on despite being unprogressive leading to oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) which ultimately causes brain damage
    • Applying the wrong assisted delivery method or using it incorrectly. For example- wrong use of forceps

    In describing the severity of cerebral palsy, the child may be described by any of the following;

    • Hemiplegia– Where one half of the body is affected by cerebral palsy
    • Diplegia- Where two limbs are affected
    • Monoplegia- Where one limb is affected by cerebral palsy
    • Quadriplegia- Cerebral palsy affects all four limbs as well as the whole body.

    Start Your Claim

    How likely is it that you are eligible for a Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claim?

    You have to establish the following in order to prove your cerebral palsy claims;

    • Establish That A Patient/Doctor Relationship Existed (Showing That The Doctor Or Medical Staff Had A Duty Of Care Towards You Or Your Child
    • Establish That There Was Breach Of Duty Of Care
    • Demonstrate That Cerebral Palsy Was Caused By That Breach Of Duty Of Care
    • Show Damages Caused As A Result Of The Negligence

    Starting Your Cerebral palsy Claim

    We are here to help you successfully prove your cerebral palsy claims. First, we have a consultation session which is free of charge where you get to speak with our expert medical negligence solicitors who will listen to your story, examine if you have a case and also give you the needed legal advice.

    We will also help you fund your claims. If you are eligible for Legal Aid, we can help you get that. We can also represent you on a No Win No fee basis.

    Furthermore, we will assist you to secure the needed documents which will serve as evidence to prove your claims. Thereafter, we will proceed with the claims proper and leave no stone unturned to see that not only do you get justice but also that you get the right amount of compensation for the injury, harm and trauma you and your child have suffered.

    You can contact us today by either calling our helplines or by filling out our Online Free Claims Assessment Form and we will get back to you.

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