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      Medical Negligence Specialists

      Medical Negligence is a serious and distressing matter. As a top claims management company our panel of specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors have the expertise and skills to ensure you receive justice for your suffering and the maximum compensation available to you. As a patient, you are entitled to quality healthcare, as medical professionals have a duty to provide a reasonable degree of care to their patients.

      If you have suffered an illness or injury OR your condition has worsened due to medical negligence, this is never acceptable and you are able to pursue a compensation claim with the help of our panel of specialist medical negligence lawyers.

      At Medical Negligence Direct, we work with a panel of medical negligence solicitors who are experts in their field. From misdiagnosis to birth injury claims, these medical negligence experts react quickly and compassionately to walk you through the claims process and fight in your corner.

      No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Agreements

      When considering a medical negligence claim for compensation, you want to be sure about how it can be funded and that you will be represented with no cost to you. A No Win No Fee Agreement is a way to fund your medical negligence claim without financial risk to you, so if you lose your case, there will not be any cost to you.

      Formally known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, A No Win No Fee medical negligence Agreement is a funding arrangement for victims of negligent care who want to make a compensation claim. Under this arrangement, there is no financial risk to you, as you don’t need to worry about funding your claim yourself. If your claim is unsuccessful there will be no costs to you.  If your case wins, the legal costs are typically recovered from the defendant (negligent party).

      You may also need to pay a success fee to the Medical claims solicitor representing you. This is a percentage of the compensation award – as agreed between you and your medical negligence solicitors at the start of your claim – and it is determined on a case by case basis. The % is deducted from the compensation awarded for “general damages” (damages for pain and suffering), but this does not include damages for future loss of earnings, future care costs and equipment needs for which there is no deduction from damages.

      The success fee ranges between 0 – 25% but will never exceed 25% of your general damages (not including damages for future care or loss or earnings) and the amount depends on the individual circumstances surrounding the claim, including:

      • The level of risk associated with making the claim
      • The cost of making the claim
      • The potential level of damages
      • The timescale for resolution of the claim

      Will I Ever Have to Pay Any Fees?

      In the event that you terminate the No Win No Fee agreement with a Panel Law Firm outside of the cancellation period, then you may have to pay a termination fee to the law firm. It is important that you discuss the CFA with your solicitor so you can make an informed decision.
      When you make a claim with us, you can rest assured that you are working with the best medical negligence solicitors in UK and there are no hidden costs. You will be our priority throughout the duration of the claim. Also keep in mind that a No Win No Fee agreement means there is no financial risk to you; win or lose, you will be getting the fairest possible agreement.


      We work with a panel of specialist medical negligence solicitors across the UK. Each of the solicitors we work with are specialists in their area of medical negligence law and are dedicated to helping claimants achieve the best outcome possible. We pride ourselves on the friendly and sensitive approach our Panel of Solicitors taken when acting on behalf of our clients. We understand that every case is unique and needs a bespoke and focused approach.

      All of our Medical Negligence Solicitors are professional, friendly and specialists in medical negligence claims. If we believe you have a valid claim, you will be given the details of one of the solicitors from our panel of specialist medical negligence solicitors who will assess your potential claim and discuss it with you. This expert claims solicitor will give you the best advice – whether you need to make a complaint or start a claim for medical negligence.

      However, you are not under obligation to work with the Panel Law Firms we work with; you are free to choose a legal representation for your case. We do not also charge our clients for the services we provide, as the Panel Law Firms we work with pay us an advertising fee for the services we provide  – but there is no cost to you.
      To start your medical negligence claim process take the following steps:

      1. Contact us on 08006444240 or alternatively fill out our free claim assessment form for an instant no obligation expert advise.
      2. Present your evidence – including detailed account of events and witness statements, medical reports, receipts, images etc.
      3. Let us know your preferred funding option – as earlier stated, our medical negligence solicitors operate a No Win No Fee.
      4. Next we will establish a strong case for your medical malpractice claim with the evidence presented.
      5. Negotiations and settlements will follow after we have presented your case to the defendant.

      In need of the best clinical negligence solicitors? Look no further! Our medical negligence experts are well versed and experienced in a broad range of medical negligence and clinical negligence claims. We will help you secure maximum compensation on a no win no fee basis.

      Find Out If You Have a Medical Negligence Claim & How Much It Is Worth

      The National Health Service (NHS) as well as private healthcare providers in the UK are under an obligation to meet minimum standards of healthcare and safety. As a result, most medical treatment services in the UK provide quality care and achieve the standards expected of them. Unfortunately, for varying reasons, mistakes can and do happen; healthcare professionals sometimes fail in their duty of care, leading to an illness or worsening an existing condition.

      If you or your loved one has suffered an injury or illness due to medical negligence, then you have every right to pursue a medical negligence claim. The first step to making this claim is to contact our medical claims solicitors as soon as possible. At Medical Negligence Direct, we offer a free assessment of your case and tell you if we think you have a case, and how much the claim might be worth.

      Note: Medical negligence case is valid when “causation” and “breach of duty” is established.

      How much is your claim worth?

      The amount given to a victim as medical compensation for negligence varies depending on the nature and severity of injury or harm sustained by the victim. Compensations for permanent life altering injury with long term impact usually attract higher amounts than compensation for minor injuries.
      Damages medical negligence are classed under:

      • General damages
      • Special damages

      For general damages, compensation is accrued for the direct effect of the negligent treatment on the patient. These may include pain and suffering, physical injury, mental and psychological effects.

      On the other hand, compensation for special damages are awarded for out-of-pocket expenses that a victim has incurred as a direct result of the negligent act of the healthcare provider. These may include; short and long term medical expenses for rehabilitation, transportation costs to hospital for ongoing visits, loss of income, loss of earning capacity.

      Our medical malpractice specialists have helped several victims with medical negligence cases in UK and have secured maximum compensation every time. If you feel you are eligible for a personal injury and clinical negligence claim or have suffered adverse consequences of medical negligence delay in treatment, please contact us as soon as possible.

      If you would like to get an idea of your claims’ worth, our medical negligence specialists will help you determine this using our medical negligence calculator.

      Is there a time limit for medical negligence claims?

      Yes, there is a three year time limit for bringing a medical negligence claim. This limitation period applies in both medical and clinical negligence cases. Usually, the time scale starts the date the negligence occurred, or the date the victim started experiencing symptoms as a result of the negligence.
      Whether you want to make GP negligence claim or medical negligence NHS claims, our medical negligence lawyers can help you. We work with the best medical negligence solicitors in Liverpool who will represent you to the best of their ability and provide expert claims support throughout the process.

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        Making a Claim for Medical Negligence in the UK

        Our Medical Negligence Solicitors

        We believe that every victim of medical negligence deserves complete access to justice. You deserve to know why the incident has occurred, apology for the negligent treatment you received, and compensation to help you live a normal life.

        This is why our medical negligence solicitors employ an expert, yet human approach when handling different kinds of negligent treatments. When you work with us, you will receive the full support of an expert solicitor whose goal will be to give you access to justice so you can live normally, as was the case prior to the negligent treatment.

        Our Medical Negligence Clients

        You are our priority. As a victim of medical negligence, you are likely experiencing an upsetting and even devastating time. This is why we our solicitors apply a friendly approach when discussing your case, as this will help them understand your concerns and needs.

        We realize that medical negligence can have life-changing consequences. We not only work with the best medico-legal solicitors in the UK, but walk you through the claims process so you can make informed decisions every step of the way.

        Why Choose Us?

        As specialists in medical negligence, our experts understand what you are going through and can help you secure the compensation you deserve as well as the support services to help you navigate this difficult period. Beyond compensation, you have the right to know what went wrong; we will help you get the answers and apology you deserve.

        Talk to Us

        Get in touch with us today for a free initial consultation. Call us on 0800 644 4240 or fill out our claims assessment form and we’ll get back to you at your earliest convenience.